Three 6-year-old kids who live normal lives during the day become superheroes at night, fighting crime as a team known as PJ Masks.

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Mysterious purple balls suddenly control the minds of the townspeople. The team discovers a powerful khung of sticky splat during soccer practice.

Gekko's missing pet lizard becomes a giant problem. All the kids get their cuddly toys replaced by wicked Romeo dolls.

A magical beam has everyone acting lượt thích babies. When Luna Girl's powers begin to lớn fade, an argument about eclipses makes it hard lớn stop Romeo.

Catboy obsesses over finding a new "Catability" after hearing an old tale. When time keeps rewinding, Catboy hurries lớn fix it without a plan.

Luna Girl and Night Ninja's minions team up, causing sticky chaos. Against the group's advice, Owlette plays a game versus Night nin-ja under his rules.

A wrecking ball becomes part of a bigger trò chơi than the team expects. Catboy shows off as the trio tries lớn squash Night Ninja's new bouncy splat.

The team befriends a mini-robot as Romeo tries to carry out a devious plan. PJ Robot tries to improve HQ but makes a mistake.

When a villain steals carnival floats, Gekko only focuses on defending his favorite one. Romeo lures Owlette into a trap for his sneaky scheme.

As the team leaves Earth to lớn keep Luna Girl from snatching a powerful harvest moon crystal, they land in some trouble, forcing Gekko to lớn face his fears.

Romeo uses a ray to lớn turn kids into animals & Catboy becomes the first chạy thử subject. The team dives into an underwater mission.

The team brags about their new powers, but someone already knows about them. When the moon starts cracking, the team must join Luna Girl lớn fix it.

Searching for a stolen ancient scroll, the team uncovers a magical location. When PJ Robot gets captured, Night nin-ja makes a hefty ask for his release.

New villains put their paws everywhere & Catboy is eager to stop them. Gekko's love of dinosaurs is put to use when bones are taken from the museum.

Gekko must control his sweet tooth when the Wolfy Kids spoil a chocolate Easter egg hunt. Owlette wants lớn defeat Luna Girl using only her ideas.

Romeo's latest pulse ray forces Catboy to fight crime differently. Gekko must use more than his muscles when trouble strikes at Mystery Mountain.

A new superhero comes to town but doesn't know how to lớn battle crime. The trio struggles with teamwork when Romeo unloads an invisibility ray on them.

The Wolfy Kids wage an epic battle for control of Mystery Mountain. Later, the team sets out on a mission to find the stolen moon crystal.

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Armadylan wants payback when he realizes Romeo tricked him. The team must clear their name when Armadylan believes they robbed a comic book store.

Gekko must lead the team when Romeo scoops up a fresh source of nguồn on the ocean floor. Owlette blames a rival for something she did.

The Wolfy Kids find a new place for their den. Gekko unlocks a good secret that Wolfy Kid Kevin is keeping.

The Wolfy Kids use Owlette's feathers against her. The team is not sure who wanted Gekko's pet, but soon learns that it was all a distraction.

When the team lets Armadylan help them fight crime, they find he's too rough around the edges. Romeo captures Armadylan khổng lồ use all his power.

When Owlette loses her action figure, Romeo ends up toying with the team. Night nin-ja unleashes the powers of a mystical gong against the PJ Masks.

Annoyed with following Ninjalinos, Gekko's slip-ups cause a problem khổng lồ stick. Romeo uses the other villains & a carnival as bait for the team.

Suggesting a truce, Romeo pulls an evil trick against Catboy & Owlette. The team questions Armadylan's loyalty as the villains unite for a takeover.

The team must stop a Halloween heist by an all-star team of villains without letting the other children know they have superpowers.

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