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Đề thi xuất sắc nghiệp thpt tiếng Anh chương trình chuẩn và nâng cấp (2012 - Mã đề 963)

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thư viện Đề thi - Trắc nghiệm - Tài liệu tiếp thu kiến thức Miễn phíÔN TẬP NGỮ PHÁP TIẾNG ANH CƠ BẢNCHUYÊN ĐỀ ĐẢO NGỮ CÓ ĐÁP ÁNExercise 11.Never ________ me again.a. Will be she love b. She loves2.c. She couldn"t sayd. Could she sayb. We vì chưng havec. Have wed. We haveb. He saidc. Has he saidd. He has saidb. Bởi vì I takec. I taked. I vì chưng takeb. She wasd. Wasn"t shed. Was heb. You werec. Had you beend. You had beenb. The tanks layc. Did the tanks lied. Lay the tanksAt no time___________ greater opportunities.a. Did women had13.b. She could sayOn the battle field___________a. The tanks did lie12.d. He does play_______ here yesterday, you would have met me.a. Were you11.c. He doesn"t playSo old ___________ that she couldn"t dance.a. She wasn"t10.b. Does he playOnly at weekend___________ my kids to Water Parka. I don"t take9.d. I had goneMany a time___________ he wants to maary mea. Said he8.c. Had I goneOften___________ a meeting.a. Vì chưng we have7.b. I wentHardly___________a wrok whether son came back.a. Couldn"t she say6.d. Beautiful is sheSeldom___________ the guitar.a. He plays5.b. Beautiful she is c. Is she beautifulNo sooner___________ out that it rained.a. Did I go4.d. She will loveNot only_______ but she is also very intelligenta. She is beautiful3.c. She won"t loveb. Has women had c. Does women have d. Have women hadNot once________ into her eyes.a. He lookedb. Does he looked c. Did he lookd. Looked heTrang chủ: htt phường s : // vn vì chưng c. C o m / | email hỗ trợ: hotro
vndoc.com | đường dây nóng: 02 4 22 4 2 61 8 8 Thư viện Đề thi - Trắc nghiệm - Tài liệu học hành Miễn phí14.___________ has the work bee so easy.a. Never15.c. Whend. ForNow here___________ such cooperative staff.a. You can find16.b. Only byb. You foundc. You could findd. Can you findNever before___________ in an carnest attempt to lớn resolve their differences.a. Have the leaders of these two countries metb. The leaders of these two countries have metc. Have the leaders of these two countries meetd. Met the leaders of these two countries17.Not only the child, but also the grandparents___________a. Is joining18.c. Were joiningd. Has joinedSeldom___________ a newspaper.a. Buys Anna19.b. Joinsb. Does Anna buy c. Bought Annad. Anna does buyNot only__________ at the post office, ___________ at the grocery store.a. Does Mary work/but she also works b. Works Mary/but she also worksc. Does Mary work/but does she also work20.d. Had entered sheNo sooner___________ the house than the phone started lớn ring.a. Had she enteredb. She had entered c. Entered shed. Had entered sheExercise 21.Only by saving money___________ a house.a. He buys2.c. Can he buyd. Buy shec. Tells hed. Has she toldNot even once___________ the trutha. He tells3.b. He can buyb. He tellChoose the correct inverted form.a. Into the room came the teachersb. Not only lazy she is but she is naughtyc. No sooner had he drunk a cup of coffee than he asked another.d. A và care correct4.Not only___________ beautiful but she is graceful as well.Trang chủ: htt p. S : // vn do c. C o m / | e-mail hỗ trợ: hotro
vndoc.com | hotline: 02 4 22 4 2 61 8 8 Thư viện Đề thi - Trắc nghiệm - Tài liệu tiếp thu kiến thức Miễn phía. Did she5.6.9.10.b. Was a human being bornc. A human being bornd. A human being had been bornSeldom___________ treated like that.b. Am Ib. Are15.c. Had they sufferedd. They had sufferedOnly if I had known the difference___________ the more expensive car.a. Would I boughtb. I would have boughtc. Would I buyd. Would I have boughtNeither Mary nor her friends___________ going to the party.b. Ared. A or bc. Mary leavesd. Will Mary leftc. We speakd. We cannot speakc. Did he maked. Will he makeOnly once a day___________ home.b. Can we speakMany a time___________ this mistake.b. He has madeNever___________ the exact cause of earthquakes.a. Scientists discoveredb. Did scientists discoveredc. Bởi vì scientists discoverd. Have scientists discoveredNowhere else___________b. Can they goc. They can"t god. Can"t they goOnly when at home___________ her childrena. Does she scold17.c. WasOnly once a day___________ home.a. They can go16.d. Haveb. They have suffereda. He makes14.c. Hasa. They suffera. We can speak13.d. I had beenNever before___________ such a disaster.a. Does Mary leave b. Left Mary12.c. I amOver there___________ the shop that sells souvenirs.a. Is11.d. She isa. Is a human being borna. Is8.c. Is sheNo sooner___________ than he begins to be washed.a. I have been7.b. She wasb. She scoldsc. Has she scoldedd. She has scoldedNot a penny___________ me.Trang chủ: htt p. S : // vn vì chưng c. C o m / | email hỗ trợ: hotro

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vndoc.com | đường dây nóng: 02 4 22 4 2 61 8 8 Thư viện Đề thi - Trắc nghiệm - Tài liệu học tập Miễn phía. Did he give18.d. He has gaveb. Didc. Doingd. DoAmong them___________ several sacks of trắng flour.a. Were20.c. He has givenNo longer___________ women bear a lot of children.a. Does19.b. He gaveb. Isc. Bed. AreOn a hill in front of them___________ a great castle.a. Standingb. Standc. To lớn standd. StoodExercise 31."This store has such high prices"."I agree. Never again___________ here".a. I wll shop2.b. Will I shopc. I vị shopd. Shop I"Is this machine often in need of repair?""No, ___________ problems khổng lồ arise".3.a. Seldom don"t we expectb. We expect seldomc. Seldom we expectd. Seldom vị we expect"I can"t see the stage very well from here"."___________"a. Neither can"t I4.5.6.b. Neither I canc. I can"t neitherd. Neither can INot until the early 1900s___________ to lớn vote in the United States.a. Women were allowedb. Were women allowedc. They allowed womend. When women were allowdOnly recently___________ a favourite thể thao in the United States.a. Has jogging becomeb. Has become joggingc. When jogging becamed. As jogging has become"This is one of the oldest trees in the world""___________ such a big tree".7.a. Never I have seenb. I haven"t never seenc. Never have I seend. I have seen never"What happened khổng lồ jean" new car?"Trang chủ: htt phường s : // vn do c. C o m / | e-mail hỗ trợ: hotro
vndoc.com | hotline: 02 4 22 4 2 61 8 8 Thư viện Đề thi - Trắc nghiệm - Tài liệu tiếp thu kiến thức Miễn phí"No sooner___________ it than someone ran into her"a. Had she bought8.b. She boughtc. Did she boughtd. She ad bought"I would lượt thích to apply for the sales position you advertised""I"m sorry. No longer___________ applications for that position".a. Are taking we9.10.b. We are takingd. We takingAmoebas reproduce by dividing___________a. And other protozoansb. As bởi other protozonasc. Other protozonas vị tood. We taking___________ a higher concentration of people than in Tokyo and Mexico City.a. Nowhere there is b. Nowhere is11.c. Are we takingc. Nowhere is there d. Nowhere there ins"t"Did you lượt thích your trip Niagara Falls?""It was beautiful. Hardly ever ___________ such a spectacular sight".a. Can see you12.b. Can you seec. See youd. You can see"Can children swim in this pool?""Yes. However, at no time___________ alone".a. Shouldn"t they swimb. They should swimc. Should swim theyd. Should they swim13.14.Only during the early twentieth century___________ in the United States.a. Liquor was prohibited thenb. That liquor was prohibitedc. When liquor was prohibitedd. Was liquor prohibited"I don"t like this tossed salad very well"."Nor ___________"a. I do15.b. I bởi eitherc. Vì INot only___________, but he also plays the piano và writes his won songs.a. Does Billy Joel singc. If Billy Joel sings16.d. I lượt thích it eitherb. Billy Joel singsd. What Billy Joel singsNowhere___________ more prevalent than in warm, swampy places.a. Mosquitoes areb. Mosquitoes isc. Are mosquitoesd. Is mosquitoesTrang chủ: htt phường s : // vn vì chưng c. C o m / | thư điện tử hỗ trợ: hotro
vndoc.com | đường dây nóng: 02 4 22 4 2 61 8 8 Thư viện Đề thi - Trắc nghiệm - Tài liệu học tập Miễn phí17.Only when the ground is kept moist___________ germinate.a. Grass seeds will18.19.Not until Columbs discovered America___________ khổng lồ Europe.a. Was bananas broughtb. Bananas were broughtc. Were bananas broughtd. Bananas was broughtNever gain___________ Greta Garbo appear in films after he retirement in the forties.a. Was20.b. Will grass seeds c. Grass seeds does d. Does grass seedsb. Doc. Isd. DidRarely___________ professional boxers remain active beyond the age thirty-five.a. Dob. Didc. Ared. WereĐÁP ÁNExercise 11a2c3c4b5d6a7c8b9d10c11d12d13c14a15d16a17c18b19a20aExercise 21c2d3d4c5a6b7a8c9d10b11a12d13d14b15a16c17b18c19d20aExercise 31b2d3d4b5a6c7a8c9b10c11b12d13d14c15a16c17b18c19d20aMời các bạn vào tham khảo các bài tiếp theo tại: https://vndoc.com/ngu-phap-tienganhTrang chủ: htt p. S : // vn bởi c. C o m / | thư điện tử hỗ trợ: hotro
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