Clear TV Key is an HD digital antenna by Clear TV. Read our Clear TV Key đánh giá plus additional sản phẩm information.

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About Clear TV Key

Clear TV Key is a small antenna which plugs into any TV which can pick up local broadcast shows. The hàng hóa website is which was registered in August 2015. Originally the domain was used, but it now forwards to the current domain. The screen capture below shows the original website in September 2015, when it was still marketed as “Free TV Key.”

Note: I’ve still seen it advertised as “Free TV Key” on Spanish language television.


What They Claim

Works like old rabbit earsWatch 100’s of không tính phí HD channelsWorks on any TVNo contractsClear pictureDiscreet designNo wiresEasy khổng lồ install

Free TV Key Cost

You can get không tính phí TV Key from the official trang web for $19.99 + $7.99 shipping for a total cost of $27.98. You have the option of adding a second unit for another $7.99 shipping.


When Clear TV hit the airwaves in 2013, it promised clear HD television that allowed you khổng lồ bypass cable and satellite companies. While that was true, the reality of the sản phẩm was that it was essentially no different than a standard television antenna which could be found at any Radio Shack. Despite this, Clear TV has been one of the longest advertised As Seen on TV products in recent years.

As the Clear TV advertising campaign started to wind down, the company found a new way khổng lồ parlay their success into another product, called Clear TV Key. Sporting a different thiết kế than the original Clear TV, Clear TV Key is also basically just a standard TV antenna.

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As noted above, when it was first marketed in late 2015, it was called không lấy phí TV Key, and that name can still be found in some Spanish language television ads.

You can in fact pick up local broadcast channels using this device (or any antenna), but you shouldn’t expect to pick up any cable-only channels such as ESPN, Fox News, or CNN. You’ll be limited to lớn whatever channels are broadcast over the airwaves in your area.

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If you live in an urban area, the channels may number in the dozens. Here in Las Vegas, I was able lớn pick up over 50 channels with Clear TV Key, although many of those had weak signals, or were of minimal interest.

Over the air broadcasts vì typically look better than a compressed cable signal, so there may be instances where you’d want to view a signal over an antenna versus cable. That is, of course, assuming that your signal is strong. A weak signal can provide a choppy and unpleasant viewing experience.

It isn’t clear if there are any significant between Clear TV Key and Clear TV, other than in its design. The function appears to lớn be identical.

There are, of course, other options. You may want to consider such alternatives as the 1byone Amplified HDTV Antenna, which has over 12,000 ratings và holds a solid 3.9 star rating on Amazon.

Clear TV Key installed on the back of a TV.

Free TV Key has a distinct advantage, and distinct disadvantage, over Clear TV and other antennas. It is superior in that it hides discreetly behind the television set, which keeps it out of view và leads lớn less clutter. A disadvantage is that because it plugs directly into the back of the set, you can’t move it to lớn try to achieve an optimum signal. There may also be a problem of clearance behind wall-mounted sets.

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