Its build unique & battery life wasn't the best we had seen, but the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 once offered decent value

Update: Dell Inspiron 15 5558 no longer on sale

Chances are if you"re reading this review you"re at least semi-interested in buying Dell"s Inspiron 15 5558 máy tính. That, or you have sầu an unhealthy obsession with ancient tech. Well, if the former is the case I"m afraid I have sầu some bad news: the Inspiron 15 5558 is no longer on sale.

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And it hasn"t been available for some time. Sure, you may be able to lớn purchase Dell"s once great Inspiron máy tính, but you"ll likely have lớn buy a used mã sản phẩm through a third-buổi tiệc ngọt seller. In that case, I ought to lớnết thúc a more modern alternative sầu. 

For roughly the same price as this model originally launched at (£599) you can piông xã up an Inspiron 15 5000 with an eight-generation Intel Chip i5-8250U processor, 8GB of RAM & 1TB of HDD storage. There"s also a 15.6in Full HD (1,9đôi mươi x 1,080) resolution display.

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That said, you can relive the pinnacle of 2015"s laptops by reading Michael"s Review, below.

Dell Inspiron 15 5558 review

Dell"s Inspiron laptops have sầu always been hard to beat in terms of pure value, thanks khổng lồ their mid-range processors và modest dedicated graphics cards at reasonable prices. Last year"s Dell Inspiron 5000 won a Best Buy award, thanks to its bargain price, great performance và decent battery life, so I was keen lớn have a look at this year"s mã sản phẩm.

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Dell has gone baông chồng khổng lồ the drawing board with this general-purpose máy tính, keeping similarly powerful but redesigning the chassis and installing a new screen. There are several Inspiron 15 5000-series models available; our đánh giá unit is the powerful model, with an Hãng sản xuất Intel i5 processor & dedicated graphics. A i7-powered version with dedicated graphics tops the range. There are two less powerful machines, with Vi xử lý i5 & i3 variants, both without dedicated graphics.


In place of the 1,366x768 screen used on last year"s mã sản phẩm, the new Inspiron now has a 1,920x1,080 panel, which finally suits the high-spec you"ll find elsewhere on the laptop. Overall image unique is acceptable, although you shouldn"t expect accurate from an sRGB figure of just 58%. I"d much rather have sầu a slightly-drab Full HD screen than a better but cramped 1,366 x 768 panel, though, although some buyers may disagree.

It"s not a particularly bright display, with our calibrator only measuring a maximum 210cd/mét vuông trắng level at the screen"s brighdemo setting. This is offphối slightly by the screen"s matte, which means bright overhead lighting và sunlight don"t affect the panel as badly as they would a glossy display.

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The máy vi tính doesn’t feel quite as solid as last year"s. The new mã sản phẩm is a of millimetres thicker at 22mm with the lid closed, which bucks the trkết thúc of laptops getting thinner. This makes room for the DVD drive, which was omitted from last year"s model. The whole device weighs around 60g less, though, at a little over 2.3kilogam. It"s not light then, so you might want lớn look elsewhere if you tout your laptop about everyday.

The laptop"s lid will divide opinion, with a textured silver plastic that gives the effect of a robust build, but it doesn"t look as good as last year"s smooth, faux metal The silver plastic used for the rest of the chassis doesn"t feel lượt thích unique stuff, either, và there"s a small gap between the palm rest và the keyboard tray, making a happy trang chủ for crumbs & hair. All in all, last year"s Model felt a lot better built, which is a surprising change in khung for Dell.

Windows 10 feels silky smooth on this máy vi tính thanks lớn a of the Intel i5-5200U processor and the responsive touchpad, which works seamlessly with swipes, taps, clicks và two-fingered scrolling. The máy tính xách tay managed an overall of 35 in our benchmarks, including an impressive 58 in the single-threaded image-editing demo. You"ll want to lớn keep the fairly chunky 300g charger with you at all times, though, as the laptop"s battery life is mediocre. I saw just 3h 28m from a single charge in our moderate usage test; you"ll need lớn ramp up the power saving settings to get the most out of it.


The laptop"s Nvidia GeForce 920M graphics chip provides a fair amount of graphical grunt, with 4GB of dedicated memory. It"s by no means a fast card và is, in fact, the lowest-spec thẻ in Nvidia"s current range, but its ability khổng lồ handle multitruyền thông & games should not be underestimated. I was able khổng lồ it lớn 26fps in the Dirt Showdown 720p benchmark at High settings. You"ll be able to lớn play 3 chiều games on this máy vi tính và lower detail levels, and titles such as Minecraft are within easy reach. More demanding games will require a significant tinkering with graphics settings, with both a resolution & overall detail reduction, but it"s a huge improvement over the graphics built into most máy tính xách tay processors.

There"s a single USB 3 port on the left of the máy vi tính, with a further two USB2 ports on the right side, leaving plenty of room for your peripherals. There"s also an SD card reader that accepts SD, SDHC & SDXC cards, & a 3.5mm headmix jaông chồng on the right side of the chassis. You won"t always feel an immediate need to don your headphones, though, as the built-in speakers are loud without distorted, faithfully handling dialogue and music in a well-balanced manner. There"s no bass lớn speak of, but it"s a mid-range laptop, I was impressed with the speakers.

Dell Inspiron 15 5558 review: Verdict

In a few ways, this year"s Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series is a step down from last year"s Mã Sản Phẩm. Build quality & battery life have both dipped, which is not something I"d typically expect from Dell. However, the the has made has allowed it to reinstate the DVD drive, which some users will be happy about, install a Full HD screen và bolster both the processing and graphics performance of this mid-range laptop. While it"s lost some of its desirability, the Inspiron 15 5000 is still good value, although the Acer Aspire V3-574G is only £40 more and has significantly better 3 chiều performance.

bộ vi xử lý specsDisplayStoragePorts and expansionMiscellaneousBuying information 2.2GHz Intel i5-5200U
Memory slots (free)2 (0)
Max memory16GB
Sound3.5milimet headmix port
Pointing deviceTouchpad
Screen size15.6in
Screen resolution1,920x1,080
Graphics adaptorNvidia GeForce 920M
Graphics outputsHDMI
Graphics memory4GB
Total storage1TB hard disk
Optical drive typeDVD RW
USB ports1x USB3, 2x USB2
Networking802.11ac Wi-Fi, gigabit Ethernet
Memory card readerSD
Other portsNone
Operating systemWindows 8.1 (free upgrade khổng lồ Windows 10)
Operating system restore optionWindows restore
Parts and labour warrantyOne year and return
Price inh VAT£549
Part number210-aedu