Grammar practice is one of those things most teachers just don"t have time for. Our intentions are pure, but our schedule is packed. Teaching and practicing grammar standards always seem khổng lồ take a backseat to lớn other subjects. However, our students are in desperate need of grammar instruction & practice. With social media and texting, kids are picking up bad habits every day. If you want to incorporate more grammar practice into your daily classroom schedule, this is for you.

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Here are a few simple tips for getting in some grammar practice every day.

1. Morning Work or Warm-Ups

Grammar practice in the morning (or as a warm-up) can be as simple as writing a sentence on the board and asking your students lớn diagram the sentence. You could also use a sentence or question that is more specific to a skill you are focusing on. For example, you may write, "The football player played with his friends and drinks lots of water." You could then ask students to identify the error in this sentence và explain why it is incorrect. This is an excellent way to lớn practice finding inappropriate shifts in verb tense, yet it hardly takes up any instructional time.
One of my favorite morning routines is using spiral review. Using a grammar spiral reviews system is the easiest way to lớn ensure students are getting a daily dose of grammar. You can grab a không tính phí sample of my favorite grammar spiral reviews, HERE, và give them a try in your classroom.

2. Games và Centers

At some point in your day, you more than likely have your student play games in small groups or move throughout center activities. This is the perfect time khổng lồ incorporate a grammar practice game. If you have access khổng lồ a smartboard or tablets, here are a few websites your students might enjoy.

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Another option is to incorporate some hands-on grammar games that your students can play in small groups.
You can grab some không tính tiền grammar games for your grade level, HERE. If you want grammar games khổng lồ cover you for the entire school year, click HERE.

Any time your students write, give them a grammar skill khổng lồ focus on. I lượt thích to stick to lớn one skill, but if you feel your students can handle more, go for it. For example, as I send my students off to work on their narrative writing piece, I"ll tell them to lớn focus on using quotation marks correctly. At this point, they"ve already been taught how to lớn use dialogue in their writing. Now, as they write, they are paying attention khổng lồ make sure they have punctuated dialogue correctly. As I walk around the room, I also keep this grammar focus in mind & give tư vấn when needed.

Yes! Homework can be a highly effective time khổng lồ get in some grammar review. I vày not like to give a lot of homework, so I always make sure the assignments are very short và meaningful. Just like with morning work, I find a spiral reviews system works best for homework. The benefits? There are only a handful of questions per night, parents stay informed, I can see where my students are still struggling, and students are getting some unique practice without taking any instructional time. It"s a Win, Win, Win. If you want a system lượt thích this for your classroom, you can check it out HERE.

Read alouds are an effective way to mã sản phẩm grammar and language skills at their best. Maybe you notice a particular author uses figurative language throughout their writing. This would be an ideal time khổng lồ point it out to lớn your students và have a discussion. You can then use the book as a mentor text to lớn show chất lượng writing và grammar usage in future lessons.
One of my favorite books is Saturdays and Teacakes, by Lester L. Laminack. I"ve used this book as a mentor text to model various grammar skills such as strong verbs, proper nouns, dialect, và figurative language. It"s a fantastic book. If you don"t already have it, I highly recommend you showroom it khổng lồ your collection.

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