Vietnamese Women’s Day is an important holiday in Vietnam.

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Vietnamese Women’s Day is celebrated every year in Vietnam on October 20.

As well as worldwide recognized holiday celebrated International Women’s Day & also in Vietnam. International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8 và people in Vietnam celebrate this holiday 2x a year. In Vietnam, this festival has an official date of October 20, Vietnamese celebrate also on March 8, as in other countries. Vietnamese Women’s Day – Ngày phụ Nu Viet Nam.

The anniversary of the strike of dressmakers in thành phố new york in 1908.

International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world since 1975, & March 8 is the day of international solidarity of women around the world for equality, justice, peace and advancement. It is the expression of comments on women, respect and love, somebody celebrate the economic, political và social achievements of women. At the forefront of some countries still prevails the struggle for equal rights for women.

Donated flowers on the International Women’s Day are the main symbol.

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Organized cultural events, expressing love and equality for women.

Even in Vietnam, this holiday is very important. Vietnam was thinned of wars & poverty in the history and the large role in wars played also women. Vietnamese women fought for their rights & equality & we can say that today has been some opinions và views suppressed. Throughout the country, in this day held organized cultural events that express love và equality for women & also inspire other young women in Vietnam. Many women in this day gets flowers & gifts from friends or husbands.

Women’s Day in Vietnam.

Vietnam has changed, và thus changed the status of Vietnamese women.

Besides this celebrations of the economic & political achievements of women, it is also a celebration of love & beauty of women. Vietnam has changed in the last years and continue to change. Vietnamese Women’s Day also shows how was nearly leveled equality between men & women in recent years. For women, for example, in recent years significantly changed the approach & allowing training & studying at colleges or universities.


Women receive different flowers on Vietnamese Women’s Day.
Vietnamese Women’s Day

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