Actors Hyeri & Ryu Jun Yeol first met on the set of the Korean drama "Reply 1988," where they played childhood friends. 

The show premiered in November 2015, và it wasn"t long before fans were shipping their two characters, Jung Hwan and Deok Sun. The show came lớn an end one year later, which proved to lớn be emotional for Hyeri. 

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"While she was preparing lớn act as Deok Sun, she also personally felt like she was saying goodbye khổng lồ Jung Hwan," Ryu revealed (per Cosmopolitan). "She probably felt like she wouldn"t be able to lớn interact with Jung Hwan in the future, and she cried a lot because of it. She cried khổng lồ the point where we weren"t able lớn continue filming."

The pair continued lớn cross paths over the next year, with the "Reply 1988" cast holding a concert for fans at Kyunghee University as well as Hyeri and Ryu winning an award at the tvN10 Awards. 

By August 2017, rumors swirled that Ryu và Hyeri were dating after she was caught visiting his trang chủ (per Soompi). Ryu"s reps confirmed the news shortly after. 

"Ryu Jun Yeol và Hyeri recently progressed from being friends lớn a couple, and they are still in the early stages of their relationship. We apologize to the fans for these surprise dating reports," the statement read. "We ask that people watch over them warmly as their relationship is still in the early stages. Thank you."

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When it was confirmed that Hyeri và Ryu Jun Yeol were an item, fans weren"t the only ones who were shocked. Their "Reply 1988" costars were just as surprised. 

"I had no idea that they were dating," Go Kyung Pyo said (per Soompi). "It was a shock lớn me as well, because it wasn"t apparent. I think no one knew about it." He added: "I hope they"re able khổng lồ date without concerning themselves with other people"s thoughts."

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Hyeri và Ryu"s romance didn"t slow down their careers. He has gone on to star in television shows like "Lucky Romance" and "Lost" as well as films such as "The King" and "Little Forest" (per IMDb). 

And Hyeri has not only acted in shows "Two Cops" và "My Roommate Is a Gumiho" (per IMDb). She is also a member of the K-pop group Girl"s Day. 

"Although we"re busy, we"re happily dating," she said (per Cosmopolitan). "I think I meet him as much as I meet the Girl"s Day members." 

That doesn"t mean the relationship doesn"t have its ups & downs. When asked about how she feels about Ryu, Hyeri was honest. "It depends, but sometimes he"s cold & sometimes he"s warm," she said (per Soompi).

There were rumors in 2020 that Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol had broken up after they weren"t seen together for most of the year. Viewers also noticed the onscreen chemistry between Hyeri & her "My Roommate Is a Gumiho" costar Jang Ki Yong. 

"Viewers talked a lot about our chemistry, & I was really grateful," said Hyeri (per Soompi). "The director, Jang Ki Yong, và I all thought a lot about how the chemistry between the two of us might be the governing force behind this drama. Since people really liked , I feel lượt thích we might have at least half-succeeded."

But Hyeri was also quick to lớn thank her boyfriend for all of his tư vấn while she was filming the show. 

"I feel so grateful lớn him for watching every episode, without missing a single one," she said. "He"s always very supportive và understanding. He always makes me feel respected, & I"m very grateful for that."

The breakup rumors were seemingly put khổng lồ rest when the two posted photos on Instagram that hinted they were in the same location, & they were snapped out on a date in June 2021 (per Cosmopolitan).