Though our days of wearing lipsticks are few và far between in this year of wearing face masks, it doesn’t hurt khổng lồ have one ready by our desk for đoạn clip calls & sudden meetings. So while I don’t wear lipstick as much on the regular, I bởi enjoy swiping some on for a quick, empowering boost to lớn my mood. I have a soft spot for bold berry hues, so the Innisfree Vivid cốt tông Sticks in shades 4, 6, và 9 are up my alley. I’ve worn these through various clip interviews & regular workdays, so read on if you want to know my full thoughts on this lipstick-tint hybrid.

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First impressions, claims, and packaging


The Innisfree Vivid cốt tông Sticks promise lớn be the only non-drying matte bullet lipstick you"ll ever need.

Upon first glance, the Innisfree Vivid cotton Sticks look lượt thích any other K-beauty lippie. Innisfree claims that this lipstick-tint hybrid has a moist “cotton” matte texture (matte on the outside & moisturising on the inside) and a lot of pigment that stays even as it fades with time. It’s available in 10 neutral và muted shades. While I’m not expecting a budge-proof formula, I vì chưng want that slight hint of colour khổng lồ last until the over of the day.

Packaging-wise, it touts the oh-so-trendy matte casing that’s all the rage right now. The slim, minimalist kiến thiết seems nondescript. What impressed me the most was that the colour of the packaging closely resembled the lipstick shade encased in it. The petite kích thước also makes it easy khổng lồ slip into a clutch bag for a quick touch-up. But how does it fare when worn?

Usage & application

As a bullet lipstick, the Innisfree Vivid cotton Sticks can be applied in two ways. One full swipe for a rich & opaque finish or a swipe-then-dab motion for a blurred lip. I tried both methods to thử nghiệm the versatility of this product.


One swipe of these lipsticks packs a lot of pigment.

When applied in one full swipe, the Vivid cotton Sticks can make a fully opaque lip. The creamy formula glides on without tugging and dries down khổng lồ a demi-matte finish eventually. It didn’t cling on to the dry patches on my lips. It also leaves a stain on my lips by the over of the day, but it’s a “my lips but better” look than anything else. This is my preferred method of applying the lipstick, especially for video calls with the shade #9 Plum Vibe, since the colour pops even with my laptop camera washing me out.

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(Top) Shade 4 Red Bean Pink, a muted rose (Middle) Shade 6 Cinnamon Red, a muted brick red (Bottom) Shade 9 Plum Vibe, a berry mauve.

As for dabbing it on for a blurred lip look, which is how the brand recommends one khổng lồ apply this lipstick, I focused on applying the lippie at the centre of the lips và then blending it out with a finger. This is closer to lớn a lip tint finish but creamier & more pigmented than the liquid formula. I did notice that by the over of the day, the colour has completely faded. Luckily, these three shades complemented my skin tone so I didn"t mind the fading as much and simply reapplied as I saw fit.

Overall thoughts


The Innisfree Vivid cotton Sticks are worth a try.

Overall, I enjoyed using the Innisfree Vivid cotton Sticks. These are creamy và very pigmented demi-matte lipsticks that pose a lot of benefits for both lipstick and lip tint fans. Though I only tried three of the 10 neutral shades, I’m eager to try the others just to step out of my comfort zone. At PHP700/~USD14.49 per bullet, there are certainly more affordable options that deliver the same results, but I still think any makeup user, both beginners & mavens, will enjoy the pack of pigment this lipstick offers.

The Innisfree Vivid cotton Sticks are available in the Philippines through the Innisfree Official Stores on Shopee và Lazada.

*The sản phẩm was sent as a press gift. The views và opinion of the reviewer are independent & purely editorial.