Binh Ho and his very rich family are back in HBO Max’s House of Ho Season 2. The first season introduced Binh và his wife Hue, two Vietnamese immigrants who moved to the U.S. Following the Vietnam War & built up a multi-million real estate empire in Houston, Texas. The show also centered on their kids Washington and Judy, Aunt Tina, & Cousin Sammy — who all struggle to lớn live up lớn their family’s expectations in their own ways.

In Season 2, the show widens its scope by introducing Washington & Judy’s 22-year-old cousin, Bella Ho (born Isabella Quynh Tien Ho). According khổng lồ the season’s description, Bella has “abandonment issues” as a result of her pop star mom, who’s described as the “Justin Bieber of Vietnam” in the series. Bella debuts on the show alongside fellow younger cousin Kim Ho; according khổng lồ the Houston Chronicle, both Bella and Kim return to Houston after years of living in the bay Area, California, which leads lớn cultural clashes with their parents.

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“Between me & Bella, I think there’s a perspective we bring that’s different from the older generation that was struggling with being displaced from Vietnam & starting fresh,” Kim explained to Houston Chronicle. Bella added, “They raised us the way they were raised by their parents. But it’s not lượt thích that anymore. The biggest thing you can vị is to not be on the same page with one another. Or khổng lồ not think one way is right. Life is just not that black và white.”

Bella clearly brings her own chất lượng perspective on the Ho family and their legacy; here’s everything else to lớn know about her.

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Bella Ho’s Instagram

Bella doesn’t seem lớn post very frequently on Instagram, but she does mô tả a few photos with her dad & famous mom — who she calls her “ride or die” — early childhood images of Washington và Judy, and pictures from her various travels.

Bella Ho’s Mom

Bella’s mom is Trương Minh Hà, known under the stage name Thanh Hà. Per VTC News, Thanh was born in da Nang khổng lồ a Vietnamese mother and a U.S. Air Force officer, who died in the war when she was two years old. After graduating high school, she moved lớn Saigon, và then to the U.S., in 1991. Though she quý phái in (and won) several competitions in Vietnam, she had lớn work a variety of odd jobs lớn survive, including a stint at McDonald"s, in the U.S.

She eventually found massive success as a singer in Vietnam but said her “greatest joy” is still her daughter, who similarly loves lớn sing. Bella was born khổng lồ Thanh and Andy Ho, who Thanh has since divorced but remains friends with. She went on khổng lồ date Roland Casiquin Jr., a musician, for 14 years, but they split in early 2022.

Bella Ho’s Job

According to the Tien Phong news site, Bella was studying nursing at a university in California and as of 2021 was wrapping up her final semester there. It’s not clear what she’s doing now for work, but she said she had no intention of pursuing singing lượt thích her mom.

Bella Ho’s Dating Life

Because Bella keeps a low profile on social media, it’s unclear if she’s currently dating anyone. She doesn’t have any photos with any partners on Instagram or on her TikTok, but of course, she might just be waiting to vày a reveal on House of Ho.