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Bạn đang xem: Lỗi 1068 the dependency service or group failed to start

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‘Error 1068 – dependency service failed to start firewall’ is by all means something you will not want to experience. This issue is quite disturbing, as it pops up out of the xanh when you try khổng lồ start your Windows Firewall. Undoubtedly, you should not turn a blind eye lớn this problem because leaving your Windows Firewall disabled makes your PC more liable to lớn unauthorized access. Therefore, now is the time to lớn solve sầu this matter.

If you see the error 1068 for the first time, restart your PC. That simple manoeuvre was reported to have helped many users in eliminating the issue in question. However, if the error code 1068 keeps recurring even after the restart, you should get ready for some troubleshooting.

First & foremost, bachồng up your files. Using a cloud drive, a portable storage device or special software such BitReplica for this purpose will avert permanent data loss và save sầu you a lot of sweat and tears. When you are done with that, proceed to the fixes below.


And here is our guide on how lớn resolve dependency service or group failed to lớn start on Windows 10:

1. Turn on your Windows Firewall, using Run

To start with, let’s try this workaround:

Simultaneously press Windows logo key và R on your keyboardInput ‘services.msc’ without quotes và hit EnterYou will see a các mục of servicesLocate your Firewall -> Right-cliông chồng on it -> Select PropertiesChoose Start -> Then phối the startup type to AutomaticApply -> OK -> Restart your computer for the changes khổng lồ take effectCheông chồng if the issue is still present


2. Temporarily disable your antivirus

Try doing this because Windows Firewall might be in conflict with your non-Microsoft antivi khuẩn program. Turn it off & see if the problem has gone. If it has, report the issue to lớn the vendor or entrust another solution with the safety of your computer.

3. Run an anti-malware scan

‘Error 1068 – dependency service failed lớn start firewall’ might stem from your PC being malware-infected. Therefore, enable your third-buổi tiệc nhỏ antivi khuẩn and let it vày its job.

You can try employing Windows Defender if it hasn’t been affected by your problem:mở cửa the Start menu -> Navigate to the Settings icon

Move to lớn Update và Security -> Select Windows Defendermở cửa Windows Defender và make it run a full scan of your system

Finally, the best course of action would be lớn use a special anti-malware tool to lớn inspect every nook và cranny of your Windows 10. Anti-Malware will vị that for you & ensure that there is no malware whatsoever keeping a low profile in the background.


4. Visit your Windows Update center

In fact, there might be something wrong with your updates. For example, your OS might be literally sitting on them, which causes mishaps lượt thích ‘dependency service or group failed to start on Windows 10’.

If that is you case, bởi vì the following:

Press Windows logo sản phẩm key + I on your keyboard lớn open your Settings app -> Select Update & SecurityCheông chồng for updates -> Download the available updates and confirm the installation processRestart your PC và try to run Windows Firewall

And here is another scenario: khổng lồ resolve sầu the issue, you might need to lớn unvì chưng your recent updates, as some of them may be the culprit.

Xem thêm: Tổng Hợp Khuyến Mãi Điện Máy Nguyễn Kim Tháng 9/2021, Nguyễn Kim: Điện Máy Và Nội Thất Thiên Hoà

Here is how lớn bởi that:

Simultaneously hit the Windows logo sản phẩm key & I buttons -> The Settings ứng dụng will open -> Update and SecuritySelect Update History -> Proceed lớn Uninstall UpdatesChoose the update you wish lớn roll baông chồng -> Cliông chồng Uninstall -> Windows will guide you through the process

5. Exp& your administrators group

This is another easy và reportedly effective sầu fix for the error 1068 – dependency service failed to start firewall:

xuất hiện an elevated command prompt: Windows biểu tượng logo key + S -> Type CMD -> Select Command Prompt -> Right-click on it -> Run as AdminInput these commands (rethành viên khổng lồ press Enter after each):net localgroup administrators localservice /addnet localgroup administrators networkservice /addCthảm bại your Comm& Prompt -> Restart your PC và kiểm tra if your Firewall can run now

6. Reset your network adapter

If the issue with starting your Windows Firewall persists, try resetting your network adapter.For this purpose, take the following steps:

mở cửa your elevated command prompt (see the previous method) và type the following commands, pressing Enter after each:netsh winsoông chồng remix catalognetsh int ip remix remix.log hitCthảm bại your cmd và check if this method worked for you.

7. Update your network adapter driver

No luông chồng so far? The problem is, your network adapter driver might be a bit over the hill. Updating it is likely lớn help in such a case. You can carry out a manual search for the lathử nghiệm manufacturer-recommended version on the Internet or use Windows Device Manager to lớn bởi vì the job for you.

To update your driver with Device Manager, vày the following:

Simultaneously press the Windows hình ảnh sản phẩm key và X buttons -> Select Device Manager from the listLocate your network adapter driver -> Right-cliông xã on it -> Select Update driverRestart your PC lớn apply the changes

However, if you want khổng lồ fix all your driver-related problems in one click, we recommkết thúc you khổng lồ use Driver Updater. This tool will save sầu you a lot of time and effort by installing the necessary driver versions for your hardware on your computer.

We hope this method has fixed your issue.

8. Reset TCP/IP to default

If you still don’t know how khổng lồ resolve dependency service or group failed to start on Windows 10, resetting your TCP/IP is the next logical step in your rescue mission:

xuất hiện an elevated command prompt and type the following commands (without quotes). Make sure to hit Enter after each:‘ipconfig /flushdnsnbtstat –rnetsh int ip reset reset c: esetlog.txtnetsh winsoông xã reset’Reboot your computer & try to lớn start your Windows Firewall. If the error code 1068 is still here, proceed khổng lồ the following fix.

9. Replace nlasvc.dll

Unfortunately, your nlasvc.dll might be corrupt, so you should reinstall it. To use this method to your advantage, you will need another computer – it goes without saying that it must be error-không tính tiền.

Now follow these instructions:

Start the computer which has no issues and navigate lớn C:windowssystem32 lasvc.dll.Copy the nlasvc.dll tệp tin to lớn a USB flash drive sầu.Insert this drive inlớn your problematic PC.Run your comm& prompt as an administrator và input đầu vào the following commands, hitting Enter after each:takeown /f c:windowssystem32 lasvc.dllcacls c:windowssystem32 lasvc.dll /G your_username:F(your_username must be the username of your computer)Then go khổng lồ C:windowssystem32 lasvc.dll.Rename ‘nlasvc.dll’ khổng lồ ‘nlasvc.dll.old’.Now copy the nlasvc.dll tệp tin here from your USB drive sầu.Right-click on nlasvc.dll and select Properties.mở cửa the Security tab -> Go lớn Advanced.Owner -> Change -> Input NT SERVICETrustedInstallerCheông chồng Names -> OKApply -> OKReboot your PC

10. Repair your registry

All lớn no avail? Then your Windows Registry might be corrupt or damaged, which means it needs repairing. Conducting this process requires expertise & precision, since there is no room for error. In this regard, we strongly recommover you to use a special tool in order khổng lồ avoid complicating matters even further. For instance, Registry Cleaner is a miễn phí tool that can repair your Windows Registry và enable your computer to run smoothly without running the risk of harming your system.


11. Perkhung a clean installation of Windows

If all the methods above sầu have failed to lớn help you, clean installing your Win 10 might be your last-ditch effort. Indeed, why not give your OS a fresh start?

Here is how you can do that:

Settings -> Update và security -> Rephối this PC -> Get started -> Remove everything

Note: Keep in mind that using this option will fully clean your drive

So, if you haven’t backed up your data yet, now is the best time lớn vày that.

12. Use a special software solution

To diagnose and fix ‘The Dependency Service or Group Failed’ error you can also tải về this tool developed by This solution doesn’t contain malware, it is absolutely free và safe.