I received a ppt with a embedded excel, but always the same error when trying lớn open the file

The VPS application, source file, or thành tựu can"t be found, or returned an unknown error. You may need khổng lồ reinstall the VPS application

I tried reinstalling (Microsoft Office 2016) and deleting office thư mục but still same issue persist. All search and "potential solution" yield no result. Anybody encountered same issue và have any solution?

Point to lớn note - Other system is able khổng lồ open the embedded file

Tried solution but same issue persist

Repairing Office 2016Deleting Office 2016 folder and reinstallingregsvr32 %systemroot%system32ole32.dll in CMD

Friday, July 26, 2019 8:50 AM

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Hi Alvin,

I am confused about you said:” Other system is able khổng lồ …”, what is the “Other system” please? What are the versions of Office if they can open this Excel file normally?

Is the Excel file is inserted as a link? In this case, the Excel file needs to be copy lớn your computer too & re-links the Excel tệp tin. Otherwise, there is just a picture as a shortcut to the Excel file. If it is inserted as an object, you can refer to lớn the following steps please.

Bạn đang xem: Lỗi the server application source file or item cannot be found word 2010

1. You can open the PowerPoint in safe mode (Type the “powerpnt /safe” in Run dialog ), then open the slide và try lớn open the embedded Excel file again. If the Excel tệp tin can be opened, you can disable the add-ins và macros of PowerPoint.

2. If it is failure to lớn open the embedded Excel tệp tin in the safe mode of PowerPoint. You shouldbachồng up the ppt first.

(1) Then open the ppt và try to right-clichồng the embedded Excel tệp tin, clichồng Worksheet Object > Convert, then convert to Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Worksheet. Using the compatibility mode format can resolve sầu the issues of opening a high version of Office editing tệp tin from a lower version of Office.


(2) Here is a workaround about your situation (baông xã up the ppt first): save the ppt in .pptx format, then you can change the file extension, lượt thích this: Test1.pptx.zip.

Xem thêm: Những Câu Tiếng Anh Hay Về Tình Yêu Ngắn Gọn Về Tình Yêu, Cuộc Sống Chất Nhất

Then extract the compressed tệp tin, open the unzipped thư mục và open the following folders in order: ppt > embeddings. Do not open the Excel file directly, we should right-cliông chồng the Excel tệp tin, select Open with Internet Explorer, Open, at last save the tệp tin lớn the location on your computer you want in Excel.

(3) Add a new system tài khoản (for win10, win8.1 and win7) to lớn test. This can rule out some settings for Office.

(4) In addition, it needs to consider some software conflicts with Office. Such as the anti-virus programs, these can cause many problems with Office operation. You can try lớn disable it temporarily. You can alsopersize a clean boot in Windows.

If you have sầu any question or update, please feel không tính phí to lớn let me know.

Best regards,


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