Robbie Kay, the actor who so evilly portrayed Peter Pan in the latest arc of ABC’s “Once Upon a Time,” may or may not have met an untimely demise at the over of Sunday night’s winter finale episode. His Pan always seemed to lớn have an answer for whatever traps and schemes were placed in front of him, even helping popularize his own Twitter hashtag: #PanNeverFails. We caught up with the actor before the finale, & though he was reluctant lớn reveal any secrets (check out the recap if you missed it), we at least learned what he thinks of the season so far and about his experience playing Pan.

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Show Tracker: What was your first impression of “Once Upon a Time’s’” Peter Pan?

Robbie Kay: I honestly thought that it was a very, very clever idea implemented by Adam & Eddy for “Once Upon a Time.” They vày a very good job of putting twists and angles on characters in the show that people don’t expect, and this character in particular is very strong and was a strong villain, so it was brilliant to lớn emulate that & get myself into a role that really, although it’s an iconic character, has many different values & mannerisms that people aren’t used to.

ST: How different was Neverland than you had envisioned it?

RK: Well, it’s always been this place that kids go lớn in their dreams, but with “Once Upon a Time,” it’s actually a sinister place. You have the cast always trekking through the jungle & they’ve always got their weapons out, so it is a very hostile place it seems. & the Lost Boys are not nice, which is something people are unfamiliar with.

ST: Did Pan vị certain things that just surprised you even after you’d gotten to lớn know him?

RK: There were some things, but Pan does things that are surprising for both myself và the audience really. You can see it from episode 8, when we discover that he is Rumpelstiltskin’s father. I mean, that caught me by surprise, và I obviously didn’t see that coming. It added an extra layer lớn the character.

ST: When you thought of yourself as Robert Carlye’s/Rumpelstiltskin’s dad on the set, was it weird?

RK: It is very weird! It’s very, very odd & we had jokes on the phối -- “Hello, Dad.” “Hello, son.” -- và all of that. But it is very bizarre. You’ve got someone like Robert Carlyle who has a lot of prestige in the film & television business and has been around for a long time, so to lớn say that you’re his father in an 18-year-old’s toàn thân is bizarre.

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ST: The show is great in mixing fairy tales. Is there a fairy tale that you most identified with growing up?

RK: to lớn be honest, Peter Pan was one of those fairy tales that I sort of related to, và I think that’s the case with a lot of kids. The whole idea of escapism really resonates with a lot of kids. To go back lớn that character và maybe alter people’s opinions of that character & that fairy tale is quite interesting.

ST: How different is it to vì chưng the body switch & be out of Neverland after being there a majority of the season?

RK: Yeah, so there’s an environmental shift so that character is not in his own court, if you will. So he’s adapting lớn a new environment and obviously in the most recent episodes there was also a character shift. So I’m playing Henry và Jared is playing Pan. That again was crazy, but a lot of fun.

ST: So you watched Jared’s movements and cadence for the episodes?

RK: Yeah, mostly. It was interesting though that I could keep my accent. I guess it was a physical thing.

ST: What vày fans have lớn look forward to, & how far in the future are you able to lớn glimpse?

RK: It’s not too far. We get the chance lớn see a little bit và kind of know where our character is going, but ... Well, let’s just say that you’ll get khổng lồ see a great finale.