Sennheiser CX 213 headphones eat well with high perfection, comfortable wearing and bold sounding, but the price is only mid-range. CX 213 is suitable for most music followers.

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Sennheiser is a globally famous brand of headphone products, including wire headsets and bluetooth headsets. Today, we will learn about CX 213, a pair of headphones that have "stormed the air" when it first appeared on the market. So if the price is less than VND500,000, is this a smart investment?

Experience Sennheiser CX 213 headphones

CX 213 has a frequency range of 25 - 20,000Hz that allows listening to various music streams and is suitable for most portable music devices such as Smart phone, MP3, iPad, . With 16 Ohm impedance when connected to iPhone then the volume is only about 50% that is very loud, and on some machines of LG, Samsung, Nokia will be enough.

CX 213 is suitable for most other music devices.

When the writer"s personal practice experience only sounds at a low volume, at about 20% to 35% it sounds the best, the vocal is clear, the bass is good and relatively strong, but It is also well balanced with treble and mid bands. When the volume is up to 50% or more I feel a bit loud, and too noisy.

Compare CX 213 headphones with NE 600X headphones

Known as one of the most powerful and powerful bass headphones, the NE 600X stands out for its quality, depth and quality compared to CX 213. Therefore, for those who love strong bass American style, NE 600X is the name that you should consider, whereas for those who like moderate balance bass, CX 213 will be a perfect choice.

NE 600X music headset.

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When testing these two earbuds with EDM music, NE 600X"s bass is very good, but for those who like bass just like me, CX 213 really gave the bass too strong. So what about lyrical, gentle music? I rate CX 213 higher, because it gives a bit more detail, celestial light by treble range is more quantitative, more beautiful. When listening to complicated music like Blue, Jazz, Country,… the bass range of CX 213 is better processed and controlled than NX 600.

Overall evaluation of CX 213 headphones


Beautiful and fancy design with youthful and dynamic style.CX 213 gives true, lively, true sound to every detail.Good sound insulation helps eliminate background noise.Stereo sound quality with relatively strong bass.Using 3.5mm jack is compatible with many mobile devices.Wear comfortably despite listening to music for a long time.There are many colors and variations for your choice.Reasonable price if not too cheap.


The white version is slightly sticky.The treble part is not special.

CX 213 has many outstanding advantages.

Sold at a price of 490,000 VND, CX 213 is a pair of popular wireless headphones. Although there are no high-end features, or sound quality does not have as many accents as higher-end products, CX 213 is still a great choice for music fans with limited budgets. Eating high-quality, comfortable wearing and bold sounding, CX 213 is a formidable competitor for these pair of wireless headphones at this price range.

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