4K Ultra HD android TV™

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Screen form size 126 cm (50”)

The Google Assistant

Chromecast Built-in

UHD Tuner DVB-T/T2/C/S/S2 (MPEG4 + HEVC/H.265 (10-bit))


Android TV™ provides customers with a modern & intuitive approach khổng lồ TV that provides more value than just watching content. It’s an all in one, entertainment hub.

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Android TV™ with the Google Assistant provides a smarter viewing experience. Quickly access entertainment, control smart devices, get answers on screen, & more using your voice.

Finding is better than searching. So customise your android TV trang chủ screen to lớn show you exactly the apps, films, & shows you want to watch. Now you can continue watching movies after interruptions, start new episodes or jump lớn another show without having to lớn go back và forth. Everything is really easy with your go-to app.



Simply breath-taking in sharpness & colour: 4K Ultra HD is four times better than full HD resolution. You can even experience older films or series with unprecedented clarity. This is ensured by the modern image upscaler technology, which optimises any kind of nội dung to 4K. Uncompromising cinema unique at any time at home.

Powerful cinema sound for your home: Harman"s custom-designed audio system offers excellent dynamic range và precise sound that fills the room. This makes television a real treat for the ears.


This is how television works today: With the smart apk TV platform you have direct access khổng lồ a wide range of streaming services with over 400,000 films & shows. Or transfer videos, music or pictures wirelessly from your smart devices to lớn your TV using the built-in Chromecast. The integrated voice control makes it easy for you – whether you use Google Assistant to search for your favourite show or dim the lights in the room.

It doesn"t get any more convenient than this: press the Google Assistant button on your remote and control your TV with your voice. For example, ask Google for thrillers or discover open multiplayer games. Even connected smart home devices such as lights can be controlled by voice. You can also use the TV lớn manage tasks, look at your calendar, access information etc.

When you connect your console to a conventional TV, there are unnecessary delays that slow you down when gaming. It"s different with trò chơi Mode: this gaming mode gives you the best possible response times with crisp 4K or Full HD resolution and natural contrast. Your favourite games will fascinate you again và you will immerse yourself even deeper in your games.

HDR brings optically even more out for you when watching TV. With extra brightness & contrast as well as a wider range of colours, the image is perfectly suited lớn the human eye. Bright pictures are clearer và more vivid, reds, greens & blues become more iridescent và the picture gains depth.

No more blurriness or out of focus: with Active Motion, you"ll experience moving images with a sharpness that no conventional LCD TV can give you. What makes the dramatic difference? Powerful processors và a superior LCD display with a short response time. Perfect for sports, film & action.

Watch what you"re interested in at any time, unlimited và without any adverts: with Netflix you can stream a huge number of films, series & documentaries – including big blockbusters & elaborate in-house productions. Simply take out a paid subscription & you can choose from thousands of offers.

The features make the difference: AQUOS LED televisions use a powerful dual-core picture optimisation system lớn ensure outstanding picture quality. This advanced giải pháp công nghệ analyses and enhances incoming video signals for a sharp image and natural looking picture. Regardless of whether you"re watching films, photos or videos.

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Even though a great khuyễn mãi giảm giá is possible with the điện thoại thông minh today: you prefer using a digital camera or 4K camera for filming or photography. You can get this nội dung on your big TV with the SD thẻ reader, in 4K or Full HD resolution. This shows the details off khổng lồ their very best & you can present your films và photoshoots at home.

Do you want to be able khổng lồ talk about them right away và watch films and series before they appear on Blu-Ray disc? Are you looking for specific films that are not currently on anywhere? Then buy or rent your favourites with Google Play Movie. Just stream live on your big TV & turn the living room into a cinema for your family or friends. Or download it & watch it when the time is right for you.

From your điện thoại phone, tablet or máy vi tính directly to lớn your big TV screen: with the built-in Chromecast, you can transfer your favourite films, videos, apps, games and much more to lớn enjoy everything in large format. You can also show your holiday photos from your smartphone on your TV using Chromecast – in high resolution & brilliant colours.

With Amazon Prime clip you have access khổng lồ a huge selection of (original) films and TV shows. Watch the series everyone is talking about & the best films, including the latest blockbusters. The paid streaming service simply always brings good entertainment to your screen.

Future inclusive: with this very latest đoạn clip codec, you"re ready for the broadcasting standards of tomorrow today. And when the action starts, you"ll be in on the action with your Sharp TV right from the start.

Everyone is familiar with the terms, & behind them are audio codes for transmitting sound. Dolby Digital can provide sound with 5 channels và subwoofer. With Dolby Digital+, two additional channels refine the sound by adding more detail và creating an impressive surround sound.

5 speakers plus a subwoofer: you can find content with this surround sound on Amazon Prime và Google Play Movie, for example. With DTS-HD, you can use them lớn enhance your listening experience.

Entertainment at the highest acoustic level: DTS Virtual:X creates the feeling of sound above your head height. It also improves the clarity of dialogue and enhances the bass sound. Just sit back & let your TV speakers deliver an unprecedented audio experience.

Plug it in, ready, go: with HDMI inputs you can connect all kinds of devices –Blu-ray or DVD players, streaming boxes, digital receivers or trò chơi consoles. Now films, music & games are available on your TV.

Hybrid Log Gama, or HLG for short, is a must-have for every modern TV. With this standard you can take advantage of optically high-quality HDR content, which broadcasters or streaming providers transmit by satellite, cable or antenna.

Remote control? Redundant! With this app, you reach for your điện thoại cảm ứng or tablet to access your TV. It"s up khổng lồ you whether you use the D-pad, touchpad mode or voice function or prefer entering the text using the keyboard. Or one way today và another way tomorrow, whatever you like.

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