Too Late khổng lồ Say I Love You is an old drama by a decade ago & I initially a bit hesitant to watch. But upon reading some reviews, I quite curious as well regarding how the story went off. Hence, I gave this a try and glued until the over as the result. Nevertheless, I feel quite dissatisfied on how the screenwriter force this story to lớn be a happy ending.

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This drama is adapted from a novel with the same title written by Fei Wo si mê Cun. A Chinese novelist who has infamous nickname “step mother”, since most of her stories have a tragic ending including this one. But perhaps for the sake viewers satisfaction, the screenwriter changed the original sad ending into happy ending. Too bad, the happy ending they created was not wrapped in a beautiful way, hence the happy ending seems rather odd và questionable. Before I run into detail why I see the ending is problematic, let me tell you the synopsis of Too Late to lớn Say I Love You first.

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Too Late to lớn Say I Love You Synopsis

This drama mix in Warlord Era of trung quốc Republic, where the provinces were divided & ruled under a Military Governor, but those commanders are fighting each other to claim & expand their territory, creating relentless war. Yin Jing Wan (Li Xiao Ran) is a daughter of wealthy merchant. She is well-educated and xuất hiện minded since she earned overseas education. On her way back lớn home, she unexpectedly embroiled with Murong Feng / Pei Lin (Wallace Chung), a commander in run, & later be entangled with him.

In order to lớn save her fiance, Xu Jian Zhang (Kevin Tan) who is under arrest due to alleged involvement in smuggling military weapons that take place in Murong Feng’s territory, Jing Wan asks an audience to lớn him & beseech for amnesty. Murong Feng was initially decline her plea, but subsequently agreed under one condition. She has to disguise as his girlfriend, as a camouflage khổng lồ reveal his father’s real assassin và demolish a coup scheme against his regime. And shall we could predict, Murong Feng fell into his own game. He is then completely falling in love khổng lồ Jing Wan in the process & even more assured after Jing Wan being injured due khổng lồ shielding him from gun shot.

However their love is not that easily tied up. Though they were eventually able khổng lồ get together and live happily for a moment, their love destined khổng lồ be doomed at the end. Jing Wan’s reckless decision lớn run-off on her wedding day is only leading her to lớn the future calamity. Disowned by her father & suffered by ex-fiance’s dirty plot, who is holding a deep grudge against them. After the downfall of Xu family & followed by his grandmother death as the impact of his turned off wedding, Xu Jian Zhang is determined khổng lồ take revenge & wouldn’t let the couple live happily.

In the other side, there is a female confidante by Murong Feng’s side, Cheng Jin Zhi (Qi Fang) who is infatuated to lớn him, obsessively eager to posses him whatever it takes. Her family is actually have a close relationship khổng lồ Murong Feng’s as they grew up together since childhood. Therefore, Cheng Jin Zhi developed a high expectation that Murong Feng will gradually reciprocate her feeling. The Jing Wan’s appearance dispersed her wishful thinking khổng lồ be on Feng’s side. Whereas in fact, Murong Feng is only regard her as a sister just lượt thích her elder brother, Cheng Xin Zhi (Sun Wei), who is his trusted best friend và also his sworn brother.

Grieving by his rejection, the stone-headed Jin Zhi is later joined hand with Xu Jian Zhang to fetch Murong Feng over khổng lồ her side. She might succeed in claiming Murong Feng’s body toàn thân but not his heart though they managed khổng lồ survive their marriage for several years. Although she is treated coldly by her husband, she never thought khổng lồ let Murong Feng go. To make it worse, rather than getting divorce with him, she’d rather choose to lớn die together. If she couldn’t have him, then no other woman were able to vì so. Such a freaking insane woman ever.

Too Late khổng lồ Say I Love You Characters

Wallace tầm thường as Murong Feng in Too Late Too Say I Love You

Murong Feng / Pei Lin – Wallace Chung

He is the fourth son of Murong’s family who ruled for Cheng Zhou district. Being born in military family, he grew up in harsh & tight environment, shaping him into a stern & ambitious man. Hence this may explain on why he tends to be a masochist when facing his lover.

After his father died, he succeed his father position as Military Governor and having Cheng’s family as his foremost support but later has to stand by his own feet, following the Commander Cheng’s retirement. If only he knew the troops that he rewarded as appreciation of Commander Cheng’s merits will only be a backfire khổng lồ him in the future.

He is a typical man who will do whatever it takes lớn possess his lover. He was once instigated Jian Zhang lớn back off his arranged wedding with Jing Wan. Indicating that compare khổng lồ him, Jian Zhang has many shortcomings khổng lồ protect Jing Wan and provide her needs.

Due khổng lồ the lost of his love, he also lost his half soul. Though his army seems strong after join forces with Cheng’s troops, he is still fragile inside as a commander. One day he met Jing Wan’s doppelganger và made her his concubine lớn enact as Jing Wan’s puppet, lớn satisfy his delusion.

Li Xiao Ran as Yin Jing Wan | Source:

Yin Jing Wan – Li Xiao Ran

Never did she expect that her return to her hometown will change her entire life. The accidental encounter with Murong Feng và the following events made her completely falling in love with the chief commander. However, her reckless decision by running off her marriage is only showing her immaturity thus made an impact for her future, that she couldn’t live happily as she was expected & has lớn suffer a terrible fate.

She is kind hearted and resolute at the same time. She has her pride and dignity. That’s why she’d rather choose to flee than khổng lồ degrade her status by becoming Murong Feng’s concubine. Her miscarriage was indeed put her in deepest sorrow but she chose to lớn move on và let him go.

While she is trying so hard lớn rearrange her life and getting back on her feet after the miscarriage, she know that deep inside her heart, she still unable to cast away her love for Murong Feng. Though at those tough years she was accompanied by Cheng Xin Zhi, who is tacitly loving her, she couldn’t switch her heart.

Kevin tung as Xu Jian Zhang | Source:

Xu Jian Zhang – Kevin Tan

He is the eldest grandson from Xu family and comes from a merchant family as well. Since his parent passed away, he shoulders the responsibility as Xu’s patriarch under his grandmother supervision. He also is a childhood friend of Jing Wan since they grew up together & later be arranged for marriage by their respective elders. The wedding arrangement is also intended lớn be Xu’s tư vấn since their business is facing hardships. But after being abandoned on his wedding day, the good guy Jian Zhang turns into a bastard.

His love for Jing Wan changed completely into hatred. His only obsession is lớn revive Xu’s family dignity and to see Jing Wan’s life including her entire Yin’s family devastated, as well as his foremost enemy, Murong Feng. During the absence of Jing Wan, he managed to gain father Yin trust khổng lồ take care his business. But on the back, he manipulates father Yin’s assets into his ownership. Thus when Yin’s family rejected his re-proposal khổng lồ marry Jing Wan, he uses his hidden weapon to lớn claim over the Yin’s property, driving them to go bankrupt.

Unstoppable vengeful Jian Zhang slandered Jing Wan for smuggling foreign medicine & demanded father Yin’s life in exchange for Jing Wan’s exemption. He detest lớn see the Yin’s family still lead a happy life together while he lost his beloved grandma.

During the nhật bản invasion, he turns into nation’s traitor by colluding with nhật bản army to lớn defeat Murong Feng and protect his own family.

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Feeling familiar with the Wallace Chung and Kevin chảy in one screen? Yes, they both reunited in My Sunshine and also become a rival over there. How hilarious!

Qi Fang as Cheng Jin Zhi

Cheng Jin Zhi – Qi Fang

She is smart, courageous, và expert in strategy setup. Aside of those good unique of her, she is dumb when dealing with love. I would like to điện thoại tư vấn her as a sick woman. Her perception of love means khổng lồ possess and suffocating in certain ways. She never know the meaning of letting go even for her own happiness. Just lượt thích a child which tend to lớn destroy their own toys instead of being snatched by the others, that’s the exact portrayal of Cheng Jin Zhi. Even her father and brother were unable to stop her anymore.

Due to her misleading perception of love, she later commit a treason by leaking Murong Feng’s battle strategy to lớn the enemy. Her only goal is khổng lồ die together than being divorced by her husband.

However I find out that she has similarity with Murong Feng that they both are unable to let go the one they love completely và have a dream khổng lồ live side by side with their loved ones. Lucky for latter that his love is requited while Jin Zhi is not.

Sun Wei as Cheng Xin Zhi

Cheng Xin Zhi – Sun Wei

He is Cheng Jin Zhi’s elder brother who took different path from their family line. Though he is raised in military family, he has a soft heart và thus he chose to be a doctor lớn save people’s life. He also harbors a particular feeling to Jing Wan after escorting her for several times, but unlike his sister, his perception of love is more tender & generous. To him, love means to lớn keep supporting her and seeing the one he loves live happily though it means he must hurt his heart.

One day after the prolonged war is about to end, Jing Wan asked him for a marriage & he planned to lớn propose her properly. But when they watch a documenter movie, Jing Wan spotted Murong Feng’s figure in the film and adamant to find him. Xin Zhi didn’t want to dissuade her and instead lending a hand for her preparation khổng lồ find Murong Feng. After her departure, he throws his proposal ring lớn the lake. I feel a pity for him. Once again, he is triffled by fate.

Anyway, I just knew that he also participated in General & I as General Lu Ke of Yan State.

Too Late to lớn Say I Love You Ending

As I mentioned earlier that the drama version has a (forced) happy ending while the original story tells the otherwise. I find this (forced) happy ending is rather ridiculous. Why bởi vì I find this ridiculous?

Jin Zhi miscarriage và still manage to lớn go back khổng lồ the battlefield afterwards

First, around episode 34-35 in the battle of Murong Feng’s troops vs Japanese army, Cheng Jin Zhi got injured and fainted while trying to escort her severely injured father. She then brought up to lớn the military emergency hospital and be informed that she get miscarriage. The ridiculous thing is, she is able khổng lồ go back khổng lồ he battlefield, fighting along with Murong Feng just lượt thích nothing happened. Where is the logic?!

As far I know, miscarriage is could not be considered as trivial condition. It takes days to recuperate. This come khổng lồ my knowledge since one of my besties experienced it once. Even this issue was already projected in Third Miss & Jing Wan’s miscarriage scene. How could they miss this little but important thing? Oh my! The staffs are indeed hastily rush the ending.

An unclear cause upon Jian Zhang pursuit

When Jing Wan in a trip to lớn find Murong Feng, she once again meet Jian Zhang after getting off the train. She accidentally trapped in the ambush & got under hostage briefly, but soon rescued after the chaser recognizing her. When Jian Zhang tried to reapproach Jing Wan, he got several shots and died afterwards. The question is, why in his dying moment he shows a longing và regretful eyes to lớn Jing Wan when for the past years he harbored a deep hatred lớn her?

Why Jian Zhang is under pursuit? Unclear, but let pressume it is because his treason thus he became a fugitive.

Who is the chaser that recognize Jing Wan and help lớn rescue her at the end? Unexplain, but let assume they are her ex-colleague of newspaper office who turns lớn be independence troops (?) Otherwise, who else would recognize her that soon?

Murong Feng suffers amnesia and thus he went missing for 7 years

This scene is successfully make my eyes rolled. A classic premis that shows the lack of creativity of the production team.

On the last scene of episode 35, it was clearly shown that Feng engaged in a chest lớn chest gun battle with Japanese army leader và logically he should barely survived due to the severe wounds. But in the episode 36 when Jing Wan was finally able khổng lồ locate him, she discovered that Murong Feng suffers amnesia, thus he know nothing in regard of his past life including her. Và to upsize the hilariousity, he eventually regain his memory just by finding his gold watch that accidentally dropped by Jing Wan upon her leaving.

And here we go to the questions.

How did he manage khổng lồ survive of that severe gun shot wounds? Who is his savior? When did he injure his head while in the last battle showed his wounds were on his chest?

Therefore I find the ending is rather forced to be happy in a hasty way. For me, it is better to end in episode 35 though it will be sad, rather than the forceful happy ending like this one. Bởi you cốt truyện a same idea with me?

Final thought for Too Late to lớn Say I Love You


Despite of its rash ending, Too Late to lớn Say I Love You drama could be said has a decent & solid storyline. None of the episode is draggy và pretty enjoyable since the drama only has 36 episode with 45 minutes duration of each.

Since the drama phối in war era, it also has several battle scene where I think not as beautiful as in General and I. The war scene was presented adequately just because it must be exist to lớn strenghten the story background. But this is tolerable since the drama emphasizes in romance more than the battle scene.

Categorized as adult romance drama, there are plenty steamy kiss scenes which will drive us hot. If you were a tín đồ of historical romance drama with steady pace và a little bit emotional schemes, go find this drama và watch it. But if you prefer a slow burn romance drama with enticing plot, The Sword và The Brocade could be an option.

Couple’s chemistry

The chemistry of the main leads are irressistable. Both Wallace and Li are able lớn portrays the emotions of each characters, since they are respectively an experienced actors. That’s why this drama was pretty success in that time và receive due recognition for the actors.

Our couple will be paired again in the upcoming drama, Wang Hou Yu Sheng | Source:

To repeat the success, the couple will be reunited in the upcoming drama titled The Rest of Life (Wang Hou Yu Sheng), adapted from a novel wrote by the same author with the same title as well.News said that they are already wrapped the filming và currently in post-production phase, scheduled to lớn airs its 40 episodes within next year. Worry less, the latest one should have a real happy ending since the novel said so. Just let see how the team will pack it off. I’m looking forward for this.

This drama also have a typical villain second female lead who plays many dirty tricks out of jealousy, just like common drama has too. The difference lays on two second male leads which one of them is a good-then turned to-villain & the other one is stay good always.

Historical background

This drama allows me khổng lồ gain more knowledge of đài loan trung quốc history. Since my school years, I have particular interest to history subject và by watching historical dramas, I usually go searching the real story beyond its background set. Upon watching Too Late to Say I Love You, I just knew that china had ever been ruled under warlord during Republican Era, before their ideology changed to communist lượt thích the present day.

By the way, you may notice a change of Murong Feng troops uniform and its flag as the story approach khổng lồ the end. I didn’t know exactly why since the drama didn’t mention it too, but I suspect that this relate to the existence of 2 politic factions at that time. Murong Feng by the end belongs to lớn Kuo Min Tang (KMT), a nationalist party, referring to lớn his attributes. If you interested lớn learn the history beyond, please visit this liên kết that will tell you more about Warlord Era.