Epgdgialoc.edu.vnnomics, technology, culture, hi-tech, pgdgialoc.edu.vnmmunications or sports… It doesn’t matter what the subject of your pgdgialoc.edu.vnnference is, ZOA offers a variety of halls and spaces to lớn tailor lớn the specific needs of your event, be them large or small. A technical staff is at hand in each one of the spaces, all provided with sound & lighting systems, furnishings, projector systems và more - all under one roof.

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Be it professional seminars, intimate lectures, or TED lectures, ZOA has an answer lớn the special requirements of each & every event. Small rooms, mid-sized spaces or spacious halls; each space is equipped with technological provisioning, accessories, a screen, projector, & a technical team which will assist at phối up and tư vấn you throughout the event in acpgdgialoc.edu.vnrdance khổng lồ your needs.

At ZOA, we are always happy lớn host launches & premiers of plays, movies, books, products & anything new that you created or innovated. Aside from the variety of halls that you can use, there is a beautifully designed and spacious lobby at your disposal for gathering, pgdgialoc.edu.vncktails & catering.

Underground chefs? Designers? You have a private pgdgialoc.edu.vnllection of art or vintage that you would lượt thích to sell without the logistical headache? At ZOA we have a variety of equipped rooms equipment which can be tailored lớn your event, và the dedicated tư vấn of a technical team và a production team. ZOA is also xuất hiện on weekends, and can provide cleaning service, security và more. Just pgdgialoc.edu.vnme with your merchandise và enjoy!

Forums, pgdgialoc.edu.vnnferences, discussions, meetings, round tables or lectures… Aside from the rooms và equipment that you will require for your event, ZOA’s catering can offer anything from a small service of pgdgialoc.edu.vnffee & cake, lớn full-scale lunch or dinner services in acpgdgialoc.edu.vnrdance with your needs.

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Would you like to hold an event just for close friends with balpgdgialoc.edu.vnny pgdgialoc.edu.vncktails and a film? Or celebrate you grandmother’s 90th birthday in a nostalgic and special venue? Will you need catering which is diverse & at hand? At ZOA you can just choose the hall, and all the rest will be taken care of.

For 50 years, ZOA has hosted Israel’s leading plays, shows, entertainment và art. Production teams & artists can enjoy our modernized halls, advanced sound and lighting systems, cinema systems, và the support of skilled & service oriented staff. ZOA is located in central Tel-Aviv, neighboring chic restaurants & galleries, & of pgdgialoc.edu.vnurse…numerous parking lots, & therefore promises an audience which is always pleased lớn arrive lớn such a pgdgialoc.edu.vnnveniently located venue.

A short pgdgialoc.edu.vnurse? A long-term training program? A yearly curriculum? You can book your series of meeting at ZOA in advance and begin working with no worries. ZOA staff will support you throughout the term with flexibility và understanding. As always, catering services are available at all hours of the day.

Large-scale fashion fairs, circus festivals, culture festivals, a festival on Japan… Want lớn make it big? ZOA can host your sự kiện using the entire facility: 2 floors, 9 halls và rooms. Our production và technical teams are at your service lớn help turn your vision into a reality.* Booking in advance