24-Hour Emergency Veterinary Care (614) 829-6444 Get Directions On YOUR Side of Town. Carside check In 24-Hour Emergency Veterinary Care (614) 829-6444 Get Directions On YOUR Side of Town. Carside kiểm tra In

Is this an emergency?

These are common signs of a pet emergency. If you believe your pet is experiencing any of these emergency symptoms, or if you are unsure, please just give us a call. We will be able khổng lồ tell you if it is an emergency, and can guide you through next steps khổng lồ take.

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Just get here… khổng lồ us, this isn"t a job. It"s a calling. Each team member is exceptionally skilled & passionate about helping animals & their people. Diley Hill Animal Emergency is AAHA accredited và has earned a cấp độ 2 Trauma Certification. This means when your pet has an emergency, we"re here for you with the knowledge, dedication, & technology found at leading edge veterinary hospitals.All you have to vì is get here, và we"ll be waiting by the door.

What to expect


Upon arrival, your pet will be immediately triaged. After assessing the urgency and physical condition of your pet, he/she will then notify the doctor on staff.

Treatment Plan

Following a complete physical exam by one of our emergency doctors, treatment options will be provided. We go step by step khổng lồ ensure your pet is treated like OUR pet as we provide the best health care plan and experience available.


Following your pet’s critical care event, we will provide you và your family veterinarian with the complete medical records so your veterinarian can provide appropriate follow-up care & treatment. This includes copies of all x-rays, ultrasounds, blood work & our doctors’ medical logs.

If you want top notch care for your animals, this is the place to lớn go. The staff there couldn’t have been more supportive và courteous. My basset was dying of cancer và they were empathetic và understanding. They answered all of my questions and never obligated me to vì anything I wasn’t ready for. They went the extra mile for my little guy and made the process of letting go very peaceful. Their facility is clean and quiet. The absolute best care I could ever have asked for. 100 stars.

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I brought my mèo here in an emergency situation and the staff was extremely friendly & ready lớn help in any way possibly. As I was panicking they assured me everything was fine & made me feel much more relaxed in the situation. I had no worries leaving my cat over night because I could tell he was going to lớn get the best care. They told me I could điện thoại tư vấn at any point in the night to kiểm tra up on him. Definitely a good experience.

Brought our Family thành viên Starfire here for emergency treatment. The staff was very informative about what was happening & extremely helpful in our time of loss. I highly recommend Diley Hill Animal Emergency Center. Thank you khổng lồ a staff that genuinely cares!

Went there for my dogs eye và they were quick, friendly và very understanding of my concerns và did multiple chạy thử until they figured out my sweet Harper had glaucoma và needed immediate attention và referred us khổng lồ medvet. They are all around a great hospital & would recommend them over và over again. Thank you for all you did for Harper, she now is pain không tính tiền and living a one-eyed life happier than ever.

The staff and chất lượng of care that we have received for our dogs at Diley Hill has been nothing short of amazing. We have taken 3 pets there over the last year và a half, totaling at least 7 visits. They have exceeded our expectations with every visit. One of my favorite characteristics of this facility is their ability to get you in a room right away. An employee greets you at the door, gets a brief overview of why you are there, weighs your pet and then tucks you in a private room. We have been so pleased with everyone that we have met at Diley Hill. Every employee has been polite, understanding, helpful and professional.